FJ Cruisin’

The FJ Cruiser has had a near-cult following over the years – so we were at a loss when Toyota killed production for the Aussie market of the retro styled off-roader, loosely based on the 40 series Landcruiser from the 1970s. However there are still plenty of these beasts running around and the capable little off-roader that shares a driveline and chassis platform with the ever – reliable Prado, certainly makes a good base for a serious build.

The loud orange colour found both outside and splashed throughout the interior certainly adds to the eye-catching appeal of this truck, and stage one of the build included the TJM T13 Outback steel bull bar giving the FJ the ultimate protection against animal strikes as well as improving the approach angle of the vehicle – which was an angle that the old 40 and the FJ Cruiser were famous for. The bar is also a good mounting platform for the Stedi Type-X LED driving lights which are great for turning night into day. A TJM front under body guard was also fitted to give the sump some extra protection off-road.

Off-road ability has been further increased with a TJM suspension upgrade using the Series 4000 shock absorbers and 2″ lifted TJM coils all-round. Spring rates have been suited to suit the extra weight over the front of the vehicle from the steel bar and the extra weight added to the rear as well.

The rear storage area of the FJ Cruiser is not known for being the biggest on the market – far from it in fact, so a set of RV Storage Solutions Premium rear draws were fitted to the back to make the most of what little area there is available. The RV Premium draws come with a lifetime warranty, so they are built to last the lifetime of the vehicle, unlike some other cheaper draws on the market and they have a draw system for just about every popular 4WD on the market.

A dual battery system was installed to increase touring capability and give the FJ some long-life battery power using the TJM 3 stage 25A battery charger, Projecta battery monitor, TJM battery tray and a 75A/hr Century deep cycle lead acid battery. There will be more to come for this bright little FJ but for now there’s enough modifications to make the humble Cruiser to a touring ready truck that’s more than capable of holding its own on the tracks.


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