79 Redi

Here at TJM Hunter Valley we can have a brand new vehicle built ready to roll, decked out with all the accessories you need before you even take delivery. In fact we can even source the vehicle without you having to run around between dealerships.

We sourced this latest 79 Series Landcruiser and partially kitted it out when a customer inquired about getting into a new 79 Landcruiser with the works. We had already installed a heavy duty alloy tray built by Norweld Australia which caught the customer’s eye. The 3.5 Deluxe Tray Package comes with colour coded running boards and under tray tool lockers,  and heavy duty 76mm tubing on the headboard.  These features combined with a good departure angle from the slimline rear toolboxes makes the Norweld the ultimate tray to suit these vehicles for off-road and touring.

The full compliment of TJM bar work was fitted including the T13 Outback bull bar, brush bars and side steps. The Toyota snorkel was replaced with the one piece TJM Airtec unit giving a better seal than the original two piece OE snorkel and a more efficient, better looking snorkel head.


A Jmacx kit was a must-have for our customer and with conventional leaf springs still in the vehicle when it was advertised, we set about pulling the rear end of the truck apart and fitting the new rear axle and coil spring conversion kit. The added axle articulation, longer wheel travel and a more refined ride quality more than outweigh the cost of the conversion and with a GVM upgrade a standard feature of the kit, the 79 is now more capable than ever before.


The kit is complimented with the best quality shocks that money can buy – the King shocks with remote canisters, internal bypass and adjustable compression. The Kings are specifically designed and valved to suit the unique application of the Jmacx kits and these shocks give a great combination of load carrying ability, ride comfort and pure off-road performance. They are simply built to perform and on a big, heavy truck like the 79 Series – you definitely need to go big or go home on the shock absorbers.

Torqit has specifically designed a custom exhaust to suit the Jmacx coil cradle in 3.5″ stainless steel that runs from the DPF back to give the 79 a better note and better performance by freeing up exhaust gas flow. Torqit have worked closely with us to come up with a performance exhaust to suit the rest of their performance package which we commonly fit to these Jmacx builds. However on this particular occasion the customer had opted to do an ECU remap, so we enlisted the guys at Streamline Automotive to tune the big V8 up and torque gains of almost 50% where achieved. A Provent catch can was also fitted for extra engine protection from harmful exhaust gas recirculation.

A dual battery system was fitted using the TJM 3 Stage BCDC battery charger, Piranha off-road battery tray and Ultimate 110A/hr Red Top AGM battery. This set up will handle most touring applications and is capable of solar input for topping up on those extended stays. A Haymen Reese heavy duty tow bar and a set of Clearview towing mirrors where fitted to take care of towing duties.

Moving inside the cab which received a once over with the centre piece being the fridge console from Cruiser Consoles. This is a tailor made centre console and gearstick surround that fits the Waeco CDF11 fridge/freezer. Keeping your lunch and drinks cold and on-hand now doesn’t even involve getting out of driver’s seat to open the fridge. An overhead console was also fitted, supplied by the Department of the Interior which houses the Uniden UH9050 UHF radio as well as some power outlets and a volt gauge to monitor what the dual battery system is doing.


The whole package is rolling out on 17×9 Allied Goanna alloy wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson MTZ tyres which measure 315/70 17 inches and are not only a hardcore off-road wheel , but also set the styling of this 79 apart from the rest.







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