Torqit provide performance enhancing products to the automotive industry. Their range offers pedal torq, performance module and performance exhausts for many vehicles, not just 4×4’s.

Pedal Torq

Pedal torq Sale

A must have for any vehicle that experiences that annoying throttle lag. The pedal torq is a plug-n-play module that is quick and easy to install and improves the throttle response. This results in more power faster and smoother overtaking. Each Pedal Torq is programmed for individual vehicle make and model, is suitable for diesel or petrol engines and is customisable with 18 settings.

Performance Module

Torqit Performance Modules can increase your engine power, torque and fuel efficiency by adjusting the fuelling of your engine. An excellent addition to your vehicle when towing heavy loads as it increases torque by as much as 35%. The module is simple and quick to install and when removed leaves no imprint on the ECU. Torqit supply a comprehensive range of modules customised to most diesel vehicles.

Performance Exhausts

Guaranteed to deliver tuned performance enhancement for your 4WD by delivering up to a 20% increase in power and torque. Performance Exhausts feature 100% mandrel bent tubing, double skin muffler and are heavily packed with fibre glass to absorb noise. Choose from either an aluminised steel or stainless steel system.


The ModuleMap is an ultra fast and powerful ECU programming tool that allows the factory settings of a vehicle to be calibrated and optimised.

The adjustable settings of Torqit’s ModuleMap are based on the factory parameters of the vehicle and then enhanced to suit each vehicle platform. The increase in power and torque is instantly noticed, assisting anyone towing a caravan, boat or trailer.

The versatile device allows the user to store three map tunes. Also included is the standard tune of the vehicle so that it can be returned to stock or optimized for increased performance at any time. The power is in your hands.