It is essential that you are prepared when venturing off-road and the best way to do that is to equip yourself with a range of TJM recovery gear. Make sure you have suitable and good quality equipment for the terrain travelled on your journey. Prior preparation and planning will get you out of trouble and safely to your destination.

Torq Winches

You can rely on a TJM Winch to get you out of a tricky situation. With a carefully engineered balance of power and speed and tested to meet Australian standards a TJM Torq winch will help you successfully and safely recover your vehicle.

  • Torq 12,000Lb Synthetic Rope
  • Torq 9,500Lb Synthetic Rope
  • Torq 9,500Lb Steel Rope

Features of the TJM Torq Winch range include IP67 rated winch body, wireless remote control, low electric current draw, planetary gear system, free spooling, 4-way roller fairlead and aircraft steel cable 8.3mm x 28m (steel rope winch) or aluminium hawse fairlead and high quality synthetic rope 9mm x28m (synthetic rope 9500Lb winch).

TJM Handwinch

A great alternative to a vehicle mounted winch that can be used in a range of situations the TJM 2,500Lb Handwinch includes a 20m steel cable.

TJM Hi Lift jack

The TJM Hi Lift Jack is made of forged steel and includes a recovery jack bag and handle keeper. It features a 1000kg working load limit and working height between 110mm to 1170mm.

Also available – Recovery Jack Base

TJM Snatch Strap Kits

Standard snatch strap kit includes carry bag, 2x16mm bow shackles, recovery gloves, 8,000kg snatch strap 20m

Heavy Duty snatch strap kit includes carrly bag, 2x19mm bow shackles, recovery gloves, 11,000kg snatch strap 75mm x 9m.

TJM Recovery Kit Large

The large recovery kit includes carry bag, recovery gloves, 2x19mm bow shackles, 4,000kg winch extension strap 20m, 8,000kg snatch strap 9m, 8,000kg snatch block, 8,000kg tree trunk protector 3m and recovery blanket.

TJM Recovery Kit Heavy Duty

The heavy duty recovery kit includes carry bag, recovery gloves, 2x19mm and 2x16mm bow shackles, 6,000kg winch extension strap 20m, 11,000kg snatch strap 9m, 8,000kg snatch block, 10,000kg tree trunk protector 3m and recovery blanket.


TJM recovery straps are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and feature neoprene protectors, reinforced eyes, thermofixed for long wear, high tenacity nylon webbing and 20% elongation.

  • 6,000kg snatch strap- 50mm x 9m green
  • 8,000kg snatch strap- 60mm x 9m yellow
  • 11,000kg snatch strap- 75mm x 9m orange
  • 15,000kg snatch strap- 100mm x 9m red
  • Equaliser strap 8,000kg- 75mm x 3m black
  • Winch Extension strap 4,000kg- 60mm x 10m or 20m pink
  • Winch Extension strap 6,000kg- 60mm x 20m purple
  • Tree Trunk protector 8,000kg- 75mm x 3m blue
  • Tree Trunk protector 10,000kg- 75mm x 5m blue

Recovery Hitch

Mild steel zinc coated hitch with a 19mm forged steel bow shackle 4.75T rating.

Snatch Blocks

8,000kg red or 10,000kg silver snatch blocks suit maximum 9.5mm cable size.

Drag Chain

8,000kg rating, 5m, steel with 2 chain hooks on ends and includes carry bag.


TREDs are the Total Recovery & Extraction Device that will your vehicle out of the sand, mud and snow. Available in a range of colours to suit your vehicle and in 800mm or 1100mm lengths. TREDs are Australian engineered and manufactured

Other brands available through TJM Hunter Valley include:

Warn, T-Max, VRS, Bushranger, Maxtrax