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Here at TJM Hunter Valley, we quite often get asked the question “why do I need a GVM upgrade?” And there’s a few good answers to that question. The GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) is the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle including its load and passengers. There are quite a few 4WDs floating round on the market at the moment that make great tow vehicles or workhorses with the exception that they already have a tare weight (weight of the unloaded vehicle) that is close to the maximum allowable GVM.

The 200 Series Landcruiser is one of the worst culprits. Loads of power, plenty of space and a tonne of after-market accessories available make it one of the most sought- after touring vehicles in the country. But here lies the problem – the tare weight of a diesel 200 series is 2630kg and the maximum allowable GVM is 3300kg. The tare weight doesn’t include any after-market accessories, so you start to add the weight of a bull bar and winch, a good set of side steps, a long-range fuel tank full of fuel, a rear bar and roof racks, a couple of passengers and all of sudden you have no room left for any luggage.

It’s not a stand-alone example, if you research most modern 4WDs vehicles the story will be quite similar across the board. This doesn’t mean you should steer clear of these particular vehicles though – in fact, quite the opposite. A GVM upgrade can legally increase the load carrying capacity and there are a few different options available depending on the vehicle you have.

The good news – in particular for 200 series owners – is that not only can we upgrade the GVM but we can also increase the BTC (Braked Towing Capacity) of the vehicle making it an even more capable tug boat than ever before. We are approved installers of Lovells GVM and BCT Upgrade and our kits certify the vehicle Australia wide.

We have recently encountered a big run of GVM Upgrades on 70 Series LandCruisers using both the Lovells upgraded conventional suspension or the Jmacx rear coil spring converted suspension. The benefits of either really come into play when the 70 series is set up for long distance touring, heavy duty towing or loaded up with toolboxes for work applications.

Authorities have been cracking down hard of late on recreational and passenger vehicles that are towing caravans, boats and loaded up with work or touring gear in an effort to kerb road damage and protect road users from potentially dangerous, overloaded vehicles. Armed with mobile scales – they are quite prepared to have you leave your caravan, camping gear and even passengers on the side of the road until you find a suitable vehicle to return with.

Don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere and risk your vehicle or your life with an overloaded 4WD. Give us a call to discuss the options for your vehicle or click on our GVM & BTC Upgrade page for more information.



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