200 Reasons Why

DSC_3570lOne of our most popular builds here at TJM Hunter Valley at the moment would have to be the 200 series LandCruiser and of course there’s a pretty good reason for its popularity. The large 4WD station wagon has always been the touring and towing vehicle of choice for legions of 4WDers offering the sort of size, space and capability that is perfect to suit most peoples needs. But the 200 series has that something extra that makes it even more appealing than most. Yep, I’m talking about that thumping twin-turbo V8 diesel that’s capable of churning out over 200kW and an astonishing 650Nm of torque from as low as 1600rpm.

In fact we like the 200 series so much that we’ve just recently taken delivery of the second one of our own, so we are becoming specialists at building these big wagons into the ultimate touring machine. There’s not much we can’t do the 200 and we are quite commonly decking these things out with Fox suspension, GVM and towing capacity upgrades, Torqit chip and exhausts, auxiliary battery set-ups, touring racks, towing accessories and we have wheel and tyre packages to suit all tastes and budgets.



If you haven’t already spied our own 200 running around with one of our new T13 Outback bull bars, take a look at one of our latest customer’s builds with the colour coded Outback bar fitted. Now there are plenty of bars on the market available for the 200 series at the moment but we haven’t yet come across one that makes the new facelift model LandCruiser look this good.

This one got a good working over while we had it too, receiving the Fox 2.5 Factory Series Coil-overs to handle all the off-road work and we were able to get rid of that nose-down stance that the 200 suffers from by utilising the vast amount of height adjustment that the Fox coil-overs offer. It’s not all show and no go either! We’ve also fitted twin ARB air-lockers, auxiliary battery system, Safari Snorkel, Lightforce LED Genesis driving lights, TJM sump guard, Pirahna diff breathers and communications are handled by the Oricom UHF380 unit and GME AE4750 aerial.


The whole package is rounded off nicely with a set of ION 18×9 alloys wrapped in AMP 305/60/18 Terrain Grippers to get that 650Nm of torque straight to the ground. Owner Simon couldn’t be happier with the results and will be hitting the tracks with full confidence knowing that his 200 will handle anything he can throw at it. We can only look on proudly as we watch another 200 series roll out of the TJM Hunter Valley workshop receiving the onceover from us.



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