We’re at it again! We’re taking on another 79 Series Dual Cab ute project to add to our own garage. Store owner Michael is looking for something to replace his F250 and meet his individual needs as well as the business’ needs, so we’re going to have to pull something big out of our hats on this one! You can expect to see something different on this build and did I mention it’s going to be big? Only the biggest build we’ve done to date, so you’re going to want to follow this build!

The white GXL has just been delivered to our door step, so we thought we’d snap a few shots of what it looks like now, because rest assured – you’ll never see it looking anything like this again!

Details are top secret at the moment, and all will be revealed in time. But as a teaser, let’s just say we may just take the gas axe to this one! And you’ll see some new collaborations, some new products, a different look and the end result will be measured on the Richter Scale!

Everything will be Redi-built to suit Michael’s needs, just like we do for our customers – ready to drive away, Redi-Built, Redi to tour… Redi 4×4.

Keep an eye on our social media pages and website for regular updates.

Do you think we can build a 79 to replace the job of this wicked F250? Stay tunned to find out. If you’re in the market for an F250, give us a call to find out more details about this one.